About Us

Welcome to We Are Black Studies! We are a brand committed to spreading awareness about the importance of Black Studies. Founded by Tyler McCall, our mission is to create a platform that celebrates Black achievements, promotes the study of Black Studies, and showcases the excellence within the Black community.

We imagine a world where Black history and culture are essential parts of every school. Our aim is to provide a lively platform that uplifts and honors Black accomplishments and voices. By sharing the impressive achievements and experiences of Black Studies scholars, we hope to inspire others to explore this meaningful field of study and appreciate the contributions of Black individuals.

Through our platform, we strive to highlight the valuable contributions of Black people both in the past and present. By recognizing and celebrating their unique perspectives, talents, and achievements, we can enhance our understanding of the world we live in.

Thank you for joining us on this empowering journey. Together, let's honor the past, celebrate the present, and shape a future where Black excellence and Black Studies are valued and embraced in all aspects of life.